Are you using the right tools to stand out from your today’s competitors?

More leads, more followers, higher closing prices and an engaging experience that keeps users on your website for longer – are the new marketing capabilities of 3D Virtual walkthroughs.

Whether you’re marketing home/apartments/villas for sale, or promoting your products inside a showroom, or trying to attract more buyers, the decision to hire you (versus a competing agent) comes down to one major factor — dynamic visual content such as 3D photography & 3D Virtual Tours. Today’s power buyers are highly influenced by the presence and quality of the visuals you post of a space, which means that you will lose business if your marketing assets aren’t as effective as your competition’s.

Capture stunning 3D real estate Virtual tours that sellers and buyers will love.

Dollhouse Views and Print-Ready Visuals

With duooVision you can capture and market the visual details and nuances of a property with stunning 2D and 3D photography. The Dollhouse View lets viewers navigate around a complete 3D V-Tour representation of a real –world environment. Users can spin the model a 360 o axis to explore the space.These Dollhouses can also be included in your print advertisements, online marketing (Facebook, Instagram , on your website etc.)

3D Walkthrough Mode:

The Inside walk-through allows viewers to explore space interactively guiding themselves anywhere in the place. Viewers can easily move from room to room and even floor to floor. These can be also posted on your website or social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

2D Floor Plans:

When capturing a Space, duooVision’s 3D camera does more than taking photos and creating immersive 3D and VR experiences. It also takes dimensional data which can be used to generate 2D floor plans. These can be used to market your real estate business to home buyers who are comfortable inputting floor plans into design programs, so they can map out their furniture before they move in. It is a powerful tool that gives transparency and full detail to your space.

360° Photos (360° Snapshots)

Ever wanted to post panoramic images to Facebook and Google of your space? With duooVision you can have anything you want and post them to your favorite online hubs to drive additional traffic to your website, property landing pages, and more. These are highly engaging visuals proven to drive more interest to properties and help agents stand out online. Note: the below 360 photo is the full image. It would be displayed as an explorable panoramic image if uploaded to Facebook or Google.

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